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Might and Magic [GER]
Might and Magic [GER] - Aktuelle Version: 3.0.9 - Account Registration im Forum integiert ! Somit Forum Account machen und los zoggen. - Blizzrates: Alles 2x (XP / DROP) - Nette Community/GM's
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myVictory WoW
Macht euch berreit myVictory öffnet seine Pforten Quest Exp Rate x5 Mob Exp Rate x3 INFO : Wir suchen noch GMs
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Warcraft Zone - Private Server Heaven
Warcraft Help :: Private Server Lists :: Private Server Creation & Connection Guides :: Forums :: Teamspeak :: Friendly Community :: Stop In And Say Hi!
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2.0.10 Burning Crusade 24/7 tso.hopto.or
2.0.10 Burning Crusade 24/7 register instantly at NO LAGS! =)
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Burning Crusade 2.3.0/Blizzlike - 10x/Working Arenas and Battlegrounds/ Supports 2.3.x on Ascent/ Dedicated Server/ Friendly GMs/ Join us Now)
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WOW by L2 Inc
Fun rates Server , targeting a PvP community. All Blizz like setup. Active multi gaming community.Teamspeak , IRC network and forums available and more comming.
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Mindchasm High Rates Realm Version 2.4.3, and 3.0.3 Custom Mall including: Custom Trainers, Vendors, Herb Garden, and a Mineral Field. Working battle grounds include: WSG, AB, EOTS, and Arena. This is a PvP Realm, RP is welcome. Come to enjoy....
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WoW Server 39net.RU
Лучший бесплатный сервер WoW в рунете. Посто&#
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The Burning Legion
The Best German WoW Side
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World of Fudgecraft Fun Server
2.1.2 Fun server! Exp Rate 800000x, Drop Rate 3000x, Level cap 100, Events, Friendly GM's - Join now
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Underground Criminals WOW 2.1.3
Underground Criminals is a low latency, very stable, private server, located in the Netherlands (Europe). The server is based on Mangos with fully working and spawned Burning Crusade. The server is quite blizzlike
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Dracula's WoW
Dedicated Server Portals Custom Mounts Custom Items Friendly GMs No lags, no DC 24/7 online Amazing UPTIME All intances fully spawned No Bugs Custom Vendors Friendly Community Come, join us and join the fun. Custom Talking NPCs! 50 + Custom weapons!
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-=Crest OF Dark=- tbc 2.4.2 ->> lich
NEW SERVER Burning Crusade 2.4.x ,First 50 players can enjoy HIGH RATE ,Lag Free ,Friendly GMs .Constant UPtime , ALL instances work , We have all aresets and t1-t6,add all arenas and battlegrounds work JOIN US, We have milk and cookies
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Full Auction Houses,Portals in Major Cities, Player Level Max 80! We support 2.3.3 Forums offer interactive maps for trainers,towns,level req\'s for each area. We are Blizzlike - Check out our forum section right now!
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bestwow - toplist for your server ! - bestwow is a toplist for private wow servers, if youre searching a private server than look in bestwow ! If you have your own server, join your server in our toplist and become new player :-)
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World of HCPS 1337
The New Generation of World of Wacraft iss Wolrd of HCPS 1337 WoW
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WoW Xtreme
WoW - The Burning Crusade // low lagg // no crash
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EvolvedWoW [1GBPS]
[ Active Communcity! ]||[ No Bugs and average latency of 29MS! with Usercap of 4200 Players! ]||[ Custom Items/Npcs/Zones ]||[ Working Arenas and Battlegrounds ]||[ Outstanding GM Support! ]||[ Premium PVP ]||[ Incredible Uptime! ]
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369 Incredible [Server 2.43]
[Perfect skill][2.43support] [Vote and be Rewarded][Quest system weapon promotion system ][Active and Helpful GM's][Funny instances][Cool Gear]
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Brutanicwow is a instant 70 high rate fun server we are 3.x.x suported we have spawned and scripted instances. Spawned nothrend working death knights, tiar 7 lag free server vote reward system and much more hope to see you there
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Black Thunder
-eine nette Community! -selbst erstellte Instanzen! -tier7,tier8 & Season5 kaufbar!! -großartiges PvP und Pve System!
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The secret servers
We found the best free WoW servers. Only for you. Tested and rated
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Renegade WoW
Burning Crusade 2.1.x! | T1 Connection | 2500 Players | Friendly Community | 24/7 Support 99% Uptime | Quad Core Servers - Ventrilo - mIRC
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A central datbase for ALL your WoW needs and bookmarks!
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DarkFire WoW
New version 2.3.0 blizzlike server, max lvl 80, new quests items mobs bosses, all users get teleport, even have a marketplace in the works.
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100% World of Warcraft (WoW) Online A-Z
... Searchable World of Warcraft (WoW) Directory Listings! ...
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Gandalf Pronation
World of Warcraft private server 3.3.5a open 24/7 all are welcome
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Land Of WoW
Version 1.8.0 - 1.9.2 US & Australia
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Hacks, Bots, Exploits - How'd you live without it? - We are constantly updating our database to add more better unique content to our site.
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DragonPen WoW Servers
WoW 2.4.x Starting Items mounts, gold and bags as well as high exp rates on quests and high gold / item drop rates
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L I Z Z A R D - BG Server 2.1.3
The Server Is Bulgarian.Friendly Staff And Very Good Players.Very Much Of All Spells And Talents Are Working. All BATTLEGROUNDS WORKS !!!
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Derek\'s Gold Mastery Guide
Discover the secrets of the gold farmers
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-Kamical 250 And Instant 80 Realms-
- Nemesis Realm Has Level Cap 250! With Level Roads And T7,8,9,10,11,12 ect.. - Crysis Realm Has Level Cap 80! With FREE CUSTOM TIER 7! PvP All Around! - Run On A 100mb Connection - JOIN NOW! -
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World of Bloodcraft - Blizz Clone
Hey all, we are a dedicated team and we are dedicated to making a blizz clone server. We want everything to be as close to blizz as possible. No over powered weapons, all GMs are lvl 1's and there to help you. Fairness is the key :)
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Wow Geekz Realms
Hey Everyone, Welcome To Wow Geekz Realms! Max Level: 80 Kill Rate: 25x Quest Rate: 25x Explore Rate: 25x Drop Rate: 10x Any Bugs You Find, Please Report To Gm or Make A Ticket! realmlist: Funserver (UnderConstrution)
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Wotlk New Life
Стабильный сервер Wotlk 3.0.8. Вместимость > 1000 игрок
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world of warcraft power leveling
Fast and Secure service. We power level your character according to your special requirements with no extra charges or hidden fees. 24/7 Online Service
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Use Teh Coffee
A great site to learn how to model change in World of Warcraft, do what they did in Nogg-aholic The Movie, and More! Come on in, join our friendly, community. Learn to change anything in WoW to anything else, in only a few short minutes!
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Gnome Problem
100% FREE World of Warcraft & Burning Crusade Strategy, Exploits, Model Editing, Bots, Screenshots, Videos, Lore, Private Servers, & MORE!
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Popeye's New World
oure server is running TBC 2.1.3 xp rate is 55 money rate is 120 so drop by and see what happens when you chat to a gm for the first time on oure server
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shadowforce wow
Excelent private WoW:TBC - 2.1.3 server! supports up to 500players+, COMPLETELY lag free! Friednly community and perfect player support. Dedicated personnel and GMs. High xp and drop rates
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.::Kyles WoW Funserver.::
Are you tired of boring servers well join Kyles WoW. We have Custom Level Road :: Custom Tiers :: Level 80 :: Custom Instances :: Friendly GM's :: All Classes have Plate :: AND NORTHREND!!!
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Xfire WoW
Xfire World of Warcraft Private Server 3.3.X, This Server is only a Test Server!
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2.4x support::Friendly GM's::Custom content:: malls::Leveling road::level cap 75:: low latancy::99.9% uptime::Community forums::
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[2.4.3 Support] [Burning Crusade] [1 Realms] [Scripted Instances] [High Rates] [500+ Players] [Low Ping] [Stable Servers] [Vote and be Rewarded] [Active and Helpful GM's][ROMANIA BATTLE ONLY]
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T's Realm 2.4.3
T's Realm is now 2.4.3 .........Goldfish NPC has 6k Gold quest ,gear,bags,and Free no lvl mount
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The Best WoW Website For hacks, bots, guides, gold, downloads, news, and more! Join Today!
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Elemtents of Warcraft Source
Dies ist ein Deutscher World of Warcraft realm! Basierend auf der MaNGOS emulation. Zum spielen wird die Client version 1.12.1 oder 1.12.2 benoetigt.
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Сервер World o
Сервер World of Warcraft
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northrend WoW v2.4.1/2.4.0
northrend-WoW exp 200x drop 15x max Users 2000 Welcome all
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