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Slainet - Online Games Community
World of Wacraft Addons, Guides, PvP Strategies and General Discussions
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:: Burning Crusade Included! :: 1GBit Connection :: 2000+ User Cap :: 2.2.3 Servers::Happy Hour XP Rates and Quest Rates:: Lag-Free :: Friendly GMs :: Discussion Boards :: Constant Uptime :: PVP/RP-PVE :: Dedicated Server(s) :: Many Events (PvP, PvE
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Wow funserver
Burning Crusade 2.3.2 ;; 1000mbit connection ;; 2000 user caps;;Powerful Dedicated servers ;; Funserve ;; Hight-rates ;; 24h online GMs
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Czechgamers WoW
Czech World of Warcraft server. 2 Servers, 1 Realm: 1.5x, Version 2.4.2, no lags, no server falls, many working features.
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WoW Serv
[x40-XP]::[Scripted Bosses]::[2.4.2]::[NO overpowered Donor gear]::[Working BGs and Arena]::[70 Level Cap with Blizzlike raid progression]::[DualCore Intel Box. 12GB RAM]::[1 Realm | High Rate]
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Wowcosun funservers
Burning Crusade 2.1.x-2.2.x ;; 1000mbit connection ;; 2000 user caps;;Powerful Dedicated servers ;; Funserve ;; Hight-rates ;; 24h online GMs ;; countless Events ;; Active coummunity ;; National systerm ;; wishing-stone ;; free flying mount ;;Rushing
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Private Server 1.9.4 /GERMAN SERVER/ AHN QIRAJ works/ all other instanzes works /XP blizzlike / many events / Low level mounts
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Free World of Warcraft
No More Private Servers! Step by step instructions on how to play world of warcraft for free
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Here is WoW Servers And Status We Update Server List Every Day And Add new server to avadable here can download WoW Full Client And Patch Look
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Darkside is back. Der ehemalig Größte Freeshard ist back, mit neuer Crew und vielen Überraschungen. Kommt und Joined die Welt von Darkside- WoW.
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Burning Crusade 2.0.12. Grandioso Server! Capacidad para 400 users, 0 Caidas, Ni una gota de Lag!!Primer servidor estable Tico (Costa Rica).Actividades, eventos, concursos, batallas, torneos y m?s. If you speak english is ok come and enjoy it.
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Sell wow gold, wow gold trade, trade wow gold on M
If you want to Sell WOW Gold, Sell LOTRO Gold, Sell Maple Story Mesos, Sell FFXI Gil or Sell Guild Wars you can choose us. We will give you a suitable price.
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FREE guides, macros, bots, hacks, exploits, emulators, cheats, and more. FREE WoW Emulator Software. We Sell InnerSpace - UNDETECTABLE Memory Hacks, Macros, MapHack. MAKE upto $10 a day on USA lvl 60 WoW Accounts.
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ChillaWoW Fun Realm 3.3.5a
Instant 80 fun realm | v3.3.5a | Growing community | Arena+BGs work | FREE S8/T10 | Custom events | Regular backups | Experienced staff | Server is hosted in germany and is 24/7 reachable
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Coalition WoW - BC 2.3.0
High Rate PVP - Linux Dedicated - Low lag/bugs - Friendly GMs - Weekly events and updates - Custom Epic Vendors
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Warsong WoW - The ultimate Experience
WoW 2.3.3 | 99% Uptime | No Lag (1000mbit) |Blizzlike PvP-Lowrate (2/2/2) | German Community Weekly Updates+Fixes max. Usercap oped end
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Bigfammily Privat Server
Wir sind ein Deutscher Bigfammily Server. Durchschnittlich 600 Spieler Online. Riesen Community
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vWoW :-: 2.3 Compatible :-: Black Temple, Mount Hyjal, Battlegrounds, ALL WORK! :-: 1 Funserver, instant level 70, massive gold drop, Seperate Item Malls :-: 1 Low-Rate, instant 3, 50x Experience, 20x Gold Rate :-: 24/7 Uptime :-: Dedicated Server
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Wow For Fun
Greek server Burning Crusade 2.3.x3 |DRop rate:15x| Gold rate:25x| Exp rate:25x|Quest xp rate 30x|Explore xp 15x|Custom vendors Stormwind-Orgimmar|Custom teleport ||Auto Reboot in 30 sec after the crach
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Online Game Hacker - The Unfair Advantage
Latest World of Warcraft Hacks | 250+ Free Exploits | 100\'s of Keys | Cracks | Full Downloads | Complete Picture Guides | Tools To Get You Started | Friendly And Helpful People |
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Silvernight-WoW 2.3.0
Privater Deutscher WoW Server (Blizzlike). Sind nette Comunity die User sucht. Jeder ist Willkommen.Wir nutzen die WoW version 2.3.0. TBC Ready. FULl Spawned Zul'Aman und jedentag Updates
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WOW Gold, Cheap WOW Gold For US/EU Server, World O
welcome to world of warcraft gold store, we supply the cheap wow gold, fast and secure wow powerleveling service.You can buy WoW Gold Google Checkout and cheap WoW Gold with Paypal
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Zygor's Alliance and Horde 1-70 Leveling Guides
Detailed Step-By-Step Guide walking you through the process of getting from 1-70 in the most efficient way possible. Includes an Interactive Map Addon with Informational Coordinates.
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This is a high rate/blizzlike server! Very few bugs, friendly GMs, no lag! Stability and security guaranteed! Dev team! Join us now!
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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Server | WoWSpectrum FunServer | Supporting 2.0.12 to 2.1.3 running in Ascent Emu(Antrix) | Max Level Cap 85 | With Custom Shopping Centers, Vendors, a Leveling Area(Hyjal), and more|
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Invasion World of Warcraft (fly in azeroth)
FLYING IN AZEROTH - for real! We are a 15x server, With real flying everywhere, We maintain the original feel of the game without the drudgery of slow travel. Nice players, And GM's.
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OttomanWoW 10x Wotlk Server Turk
10x kill 8x quest 10x drop 5x gold all arena items 2v2 Frendly GM
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World of Racuria TBC 2.3.3
Accepts Version 2.3.3 Blizzlike; Lvl Cap set to 80; Custom Quests, Events & Items; PVP & PVE; Contests; AH Bot, NO EMPTY AUCTION HOUSE EVER!
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Forsaken Souls Reborn
Forsaken Reborn is a level 255 funserver with a working dungeon finder for all the custom instances,custom events with rewards,world bosses and vote items for upgrading your gear.Come join in on the action now!!!
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180 - German WoW Realm 1.12.2
99,9% Uptime, Easy Registration, 99,9% of quests Working, Ships Working, Zeps Wokring
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[Blizzlike] [High rate Blizzplus] [Fun Server] [Free teamspeak] [Voter Rewards] [Wotlk 3.0.9] NEVER asking for donations!
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Vote 4 New Revolution WoW
Deutscher Privat Root,Erhöhte Rates ,Nette Community,Nette GM´s .Wir Freuen uns auf EUCH!!
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Kurios WoW
Deutscher WoW Server, mit eigenen Bereichen Instanzen, eigener Stadt uvm. Server Version 1.11.1
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Wowwing funservers
Version 2.2.X;;MSN servive 7/24 ;; At least 1000 players;;Powerful Dedicated servers ;; The best Funserve;; Events ;; Active coummunity ;;system of nations ;; flying mount for free ;;Rushing Answer
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Heretic World of Warcraft
Hallo Freunde der schlaflosen Nächte... ein neuer Server ist up und wir haben es uns zum Ziel gemacht, nicht andauernd am Server rumzubasteln und alles mögliche auszuprobieren, sondern für echte Stabilität zu Sorgen. HF
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WoW - [ uLtiMa ] Private Gaming Server
Private WoW Server - 15X rates - Friendly Community - Mangos Latest Build - Stable - Growing Community - UP 24/ 7
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World of Craenkland
2 Realms / 1x Blizz PvE / 1x Fun PvP /patch 3.3.3a/ Levelcap 80 / GAMERTREFFS für Allianz und Horde/ Season 5 Custom-Quest / Custom-Stuff BERSERKERTRANK / T7 + T8 + T9 + T10 Northrend Raids!! ICC-Dungeon + Raid OPEN !!! JOIN NOW !!! sehr nette commu
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McWoW Fun Server
McWoW Fun Server:Instant lvl 70:2.3.x Supported:Custom Mall:Custom Gear[t7_coming_soon]:CustomWarper:Custom Events:Custom Vendors:99.9% Uptime:100mbit Connection:Duo core 3Ghz pentium:4gb ram:100mbp/s. High Rate server coming soon
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A World Of Warcraft Blog
A blog about my daily adventures in the World of Warcraft on my Demon Lock and Feral Druid.
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Welcome to Cheech-Craft Private WoW Server! We know how hard it is to find a decent private server, so we bring to you a place to hang your hat. We offer you the comfort of an ever-ready WoW Server at your disposal 24/7, Helpful & Friendly GM's, & We
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eXotic CruSade
Wir sind der eXotic CruSade- Server und bieten euch BC, zehnfache Rate, nette GM´s und regelmäßige Events mit schönen Preisen. Außerdem haben wir eine eigene PvP-Arena.
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German Blizzlike TBC Server @Mangos with Version 2.3.3 Specials:Flying Mounts in Azeroth
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Anderwelt The New Gaming World Role Play Server
[-]Burning Crusade 2.4.3[-]Viele GM's[-]3 Playertreffs[-]T1 + D1 Vendoren[-]Städte und Instanzen Teleporter[-]Lag freier Server[-]Drop Rate 30x / Geld Rate 50x / Xp Rate 30x[-]
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World of Warcraft TOP Sites
Many links to WOW related sites only ranked by popularity! Free sites, servers, wallpapers and more...
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Alliance WoW
Alliance WoW: [FUNSERVER] / [15x SERVER] [DEDICATED] [LEVELING AREA TILL 250] [CUSTOM ITEMS] Come in, Make friends and have fun.
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WoW King Hero Romanian 2.4.3 TBC Server
[ .:Very High Server:. .:Custom Quest Lines:. .:99% World Scripted:. .:Sunwell fully spawned:. .:Friendly GM's:. .:Incredible Uptime:. .:Dungeon 2 and 3 Free.:Friendly Players:. .:So What Are You Waiting For?, Join Us Today!:. }
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World of Destruction - Polish WoW Fan Site
World of Destruction - Polish WoW Fan Site // Polish Server Burning Crusade 2.0.12
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198 - world of warcraft: addony, taktyk
Szukasz czegos o World of Warcraft? Taktyki, addony, macro, polski kalkulator talentow i gotowe buildy (drzewka), najnowsze newsy o patchach i wrath of the lich king? Zapraszamy!
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Totally FREE World of Warcraft Guides
Click here to get the best FREE guides available for World of Warcraft. Updated weekly! Click here now!
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Orange Virus²
A German multinational WoW-Realm for Humans - Einzigartige Community, in der Cheater und Buguser nicht willkommen sind. !Eigene DB!
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