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Excelsior Shard - UO Free Server

Largest family-friendly shard [SE/ML era, no PK] with massive amounts of custom content, Commited staff, Exceptionally stable server - [No skill cap, 2+ houses, staff and player events, numerous custom spawned areas, new quests and tameables, etc]
171 89


Lost City - Relive The Ultima Adventure!

Medium sized server, Mondain's Legacy for base and more than ten years of costume scripting and updating, balanced economy friendly community and professional admin to player attitude. You are welcome to try it.
3 82


UO Evolution

UO Evolution [ML/SE/SA/UW] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, Free 7x GM skillball, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, New Spell system, Townhouses, Animal Breeding,
2 85


Whispering Pines

Since 2008, WP is a fun and unique PVM shard, full of custom creatures and systems. We value friendly players and encourage a close sense of community. Easy start professions remove much of the old school training drudgery.
0 16


Project UO

Dedicated server with a 1000mbs connection. Balanced PvP/PvM shard with no skill cap, fast gains and running on the latest client with the Stygian Abyss expansion.
0 15


The Darkside Shard [TDS]: Redemption

Fully Customized Sphere 56b Shard | Faceted Map | 3000+ Uniques | Loot/Leveling Systems | Newby Friendly | Starter Quests! | Professional/Experienced Staff
0 18


Pangaea - Edge of the World

Roleplay Required, PvP allowed, Active staff, 5+ Year online, Great Playerbase!
0 16


The UO Project: Reborn

BETA Join now. Renowned for our fast paced PvP - You will find nothing as exhilarating, move+cast, no pre-cast. 1 Account 5 Characters, NO UOAssist/EasyUO. 14 years of history. Fight Fire with Fire, Steel with Steel. Felluca + Wastelands only.
0 16


new shard we love stuff
0 15


The Fantasy

New Server, Unique Scripts, Races, RPG, PVP, Artefacts, Tournaments, Quests and more
0 12


Dominium Shard Brazil
Brazilian Ultima Online Server || Servidor Brasileiro de Ultima Online - Hospedado pela DataGrupo, Link via GVT Brazil (no Brasil), 5 anos no Ar, Sistemas próprios e equipe profissional.
0 12


Universal UO Shard
Intense & Balanced PvP • Active Development • Very Easy Warrior Skills • Custom Factions • 1000 Skill Cap, 295 Stat Cap • Tons of Craftables • Custom Art, Houses and Animations • Extended Loot Table • Loyalty System • Custom Monsters and Rares •
0 16


UO Horizon - The best thing since sliced bread!
Limited time offer: 4x80 SkillBall! Horizon offers the best experience you ever had on UO. No BS donation shop! Try it & you'll be hooked :)Take the opportunity to become the legend everyone compares themselves to. 300/900cap
0 16


Champion of Virtues
325/1000 stats/ skill cap, Starting area w/ skill balls & some free items, Customized o/w/l/ , 2 accts per ip address , Global chat , many custom quests
0 13


Join others as you fend off the evil hordes or gather and tell stories at the tavern. A brave new world and great community is waiting for you. AOS/ML style game play with 40+ Expanded Features, RunUO 2.0 Based, & 6.0.0+ Client Friendly.
0 14


Mystic Retreat
Where fun meets fantasy. RunUO 1.0.0 with static housing, PvM balanced, 1200 skill/300 stat caps, ML Logs, Elven bodies, events, quests, rewards and more! Come see what Thistle and Urhell have been up to.
0 42


The Darkside Shard (TDS)
Stable Sphere | 6 Years Old | Active Staff | Home of Uniques | Daily Updates/Events | Your Destiny Awaits
0 17


Ultima Online Cheats, Dupes, and Bots
Cheats, Dupes, Bots, and Guides for Ultima Online
0 17


Allure of the Unknown
Fast Paced Friendly Family Shard active player base & dev team. Custom Crafts, Monsters, Maps, Towns & More. Staff & Player Run Events, No Skill Cap, RP, Limited PVP, Tons of Quests, Progressive Class Based Armors Allow Players To RP & Run Class Base
0 16


The Best Ultima Online Shard Antares
250+ Online, Russian Shard (c)2004 Sphere 56b Client
0 15


Age of Valor
AoS/ML/Custom - PVM/PVP - Community driven with lot of cool features and bug fixes. Dedicated server.
0 16


UO Gamers: Divinity
Come back to Ultima Online when it was fun: The Second Age! Come visit us and our forums for more information!
0 15


Age of Avatars
Over 3 years Running! - Totaly Custom Shard - Custom Dungeons - Unique Class/Race/Levels/Prestige - Custom floors & walls for houses, Items, Craftables, Monsters, PvM & PvP - Not Easy - 300+ Arti's - Home of Lord Greywolf & Grimwold
0 15


Starflux is ZH based scripts. Many new features have been added! 3 starting skills and 1 stat. New Dungeon system, different
0 12


Ultima Online
World of UO: Age of Shadows Free Shard
0 14


Six Feet Under
SIXFEETUNDER.NO-iP.iNFO Port 2593 We are giving away 2 free 18x18's connected together and we will pay for your customization of the houses. Stygian Abyss & High Seas! Mercenarys! All skills 100 at start, Raise all skills to 140, Evolution Dragons, N
0 16


The Panultima Endeffect Freeshard
The Panultima Endeffect is a difficult freeshard for skilled players. Provides clean pre-Trammel gameplay, high level of player interaction. Because we understand that Panultima Endeffect players are more capable. Will you stand your ground?
0 12


Even - Einer der ältesten deutschen Freeshards
German RunUO 2.0 based PvP-/Funshard. Aus eigener Entwicklung ist ein Mix zwischen UO:Renaissance und UO:Age of Shadows hervorgegangen, der die Vorteile der unterschiedlichen Systeme vereint und ein maximales Spielerlebnis verspricht.
0 16


UO Roleplay
Friendly players & professional staff. PvP, PvM, and RP, Dedicated Server, Quests. Custom World, Crafting, Maps, Monsters, Items! A world like none other! Join us!!!
0 17


Xzandras Dream
Welcome! Join our adventures of survival and creativity in an ever-changing world. Enjoy our Elven and Mondain creatures and crafts, as well as our custom farming, food and beverage creations. WE CHALLENGE YOU..Dare to dream...Xzandras Dream!
0 17


The Midnight Runners
1yr running, skill 1000, stat 225, pvm, pvp, rp, new crafts, new fishing, lots of custom, new fel to collonise
0 15


Perilous Dragon
Perilous Dragon is Mondains Legacy Enabled, 2D shard. All facets are spawned. PVP is allowed only in Fel. Factions and order/chaos is active. For the crafter in you we have MANY new items and resources to keep you busy.
0 13


Unreal UO
POL96. ZH3 Inspired. AutoAccount. PVP Ranking, Classe Systems. 14 Ranks. 6 Classes. Capture the Flag. Colorwars. 37 Ores. 24 Logs. 18 Hides. 68 Magic Prefix/Suffixes with over 4,000+ Types of magical items.
0 16


A completely free, Indianapolis based UO server, with a mature & helpful staff. 1800 Skills Cap, 120 Individual, 310 Stats Cap, 125 Individual, Fel & 2TA only.
0 16


COV--Champion of Virtues
We are a shard with something for everyone. Too many customs to list !! Players start out with 4 gm skills, with a 10 gm cap. Stat cap is 300 for new and 325 with a scroll. Friendly staff 24/7 . We run the latest client,
0 15


Ultima Online - The Second Age
We have nearly exactly reproduced the 1999 OSI UO experience. Come join a shard with players and staff that are unmatched in their dedication to the purity of the T2A era.
0 16


Raistlins World
Run uo 2.0 server Newer server small player base.. Weekly events .. 800 skill cap (+5 to cap every 30 days untill you reach 820) stat cap is 250 ( 275 if you eat a +25 stat scroll) New Champ spawns.. More to come Check the website for details
0 17


Sinders Server
Start anew with Sinders Server! Just launched as of March/11.Old style pvp! Loads of custom craftables & rares! 5 fully spawned maps! Custom house system! Exp system with no levels! 1 acnt-2 chars. 2000 skill cap and more, see website for more info.
0 17


The New Age
Our monster drops are very nice and diversified. PaintBall Events, PvP Points system at britain bridge. No reagents require to cast Magic Spells. Growing player base. Constant developpement
0 13


Roague's World
Roaugues World UO (RP/PvM/PvP)We have 5 realms, with one dedicated for PvP. Come check us out, we have a dedicated and friendly staff, ready to help and have fun with everybody.
0 14


The Darkest Star
IRC,Teamspeak, Samurai Empire Special Skills, Skill Gates, Faction System, Custom Items, NPC\'s, Monsters, Vendors, Battle Chess, Idols, Crafting, Harvest System, pvp, and more. Connect to our channel #thedarkeststar via our web site or in game.
0 18


The Underworld WoW Server
Great WoW Server | Running v1.8.0-1.9.0hack | Nice, helpful GMs | High Rates | NEW custom items, mobs, portals, and mounts (soon to be added) | COMING SOON: CUSTOM Portals to Outland!!
0 15


ML Supported,BomberMan,Free 125k,Free 7x80skills,3x25statball/Deal or no Deal/Freindly staff/Vent to talk to Friends/Come Give us a Try
0 15


Fantasy Gate
Latest Client. currency Pure Player Economy Custom SA Based server, 2 Accounts/2 Houses 4X85 Skill Ball 250 Stat Ball. 1200 Skill cap, 325 Stat cap. Custom Crafting/Harvesting
0 14


Ancient Warriors Server
No lag or downtime, latest patches, no bugs and exploits. All for free!
0 15


Hadrian's Wall
* Power-Hour * Bounty System * Precise Weapon Damage * No Max Followers * Enticement * Cobblers With Black Sandles * Clean Up Britania System * 225 Stat Cap * The most accurate emulation of the renaissance era to date. * Balanced PvP
0 15


Lords Of Luna
Lords Of Luna is A world where battles are fought with might and mind, alliances are formed and shattered, and both enemies and friends are just as interested in wealth and power as you are. Slay a dragon, join a guild, craft and sell wares all at LO
0 16


No skill cap 320 stat cap 4/6 casting. .75 swing cap runic tools and arties found on monsters
0 17


Shazzy's Shard
ML/Full SE/NO PK/Adventurers Dream and Crafters paradise/Customs/No Uber/205 skill-900 Stat Cap/Adult hosts/3+years great game play
0 16


Olmer online
• Russhian server • Increasing skillcap • 1000+ new items • 3 races • RPG level system
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