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Slayer's Realm
Old school magery shard, no regs., levelling system, everyday quests,lots of rares,lots of fun,checkit out
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Ultima Online Cheats Ultima Online Cheat and UO Go
Ultima Online Cheats Ultima Online Cheat and UO Gold
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Scarlet Gaming
fully custom, professional staff, dedicated host with unique gameplay and pvp. this is the way uo was ment to be! do not miss out!
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Blackthornes Return
American based uo shard, Hosted from germany by a reliable server. We have tons of unique items, rare rides, custom armors, dedicated staff. Blackthornes return is dedicated to giving the player base an incrediable gaming experience so come join the
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Ultima Online
New toplist - quality sites and good traffic. Apply your site today, it's quick and easy!
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Obsidian Shard
Friendly RP/PvM/and fierce PvP. But towns are safe. A Totally Unique world. Unparalleled quality
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RW Reborn
100% OSI Clone shard. Private server only way to play is request a account from forums. 2 accounts per person.
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MurDeR Go RounD
The Offical MurDeR Go RounD SharD Website!
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The World\'s First,Free & Largest Collection of th
The World\'s First,Free & Largest Collection of the Applications & Softwares, Audio,Video & Miscellaneous Conerters , Audio,Video & Miscellaneous Splitters, Games, Themes, Screen Savers, Wallpapers, Secret Codes, Video+Audio+MP3+AMR+MIDI+MMF+Polyph
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Berks Worlds
Server hispano con mas de un lustro online. En constante mejora, disfruta de nuestra particular combinacion de PvP y rol paseando por un mapeado siempre sorprendente.
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Minax Legacy
PvP shard, Faction, ML (Including Spellweaving and the CRAFTING system), SE ToTs, Only felucca rules. come join
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Kaerdoth - Old style UO! Custom scripts that make for great relaxed game play! LoginServer=,2593 Client 1.26.4b
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Tragena UO
Almost 5 years in development by several of the best in the emu community - Completely new map & cities, the best you're gonna see on ANY shard - AD&D magic/itemization/classes - Roleplay friendly lore - See our site for more!
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The Fifteen Gems
Servidor Brasileiro de Ultima Online, Link dedicado diretamente da INTELIG , Media de 250 players ON, Sistemas exclusivos, Quests RP ON e muito mais!!!
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Dimension Free Shard
Dimension Free Shard, maior e melhor shard do brasil. Venha conferir nossas promoções para iniciantes. Suporte 24 horas e adaptado para todas as versões de clients.
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The Abyss Kingdom Reborn
UO:KR support, UO:ML support, Lastest Clients, International shard!
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Kings of Mahaon
Here you will find the magic world of Ultima Online, striking the unique possibilities. Only here, you to a full degree will be able to be dipped in the atmosphere of life in the world fentezi and to find itself employment on any taste.
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Hollowed - A World of Deep Fantasy
A RunUO Shard - active development - auto acct creation - PVP, RP, Macro'n Allowed - Enjoy the Game - Play Hard!
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The Aurora Project
Family Friendly shard. IP listed on forums
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Legend's - War Shard
POL97. ZH3 Inspired. War Shard. PVP Ranking, Classe Systems. 14 Ranks. 6 Classes. Capture the Flag. Colorwars. 37 Ores. 24 Logs. 18 Hides. 68 Magic Prefix/Suffixes with over 4,000+ Types of magical items.
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Darkness Dwells
RP/PVP Ultima Online Shard, 10 Races, 100% custom land, and artwork. Indepth Roleplaying, Professional Staff, Events, Unlimited Skill Cap, On-site Dueling System, and more!
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Ultimate UO
Ultimate Uo has breeding, flying mounts. custom artifact and creatures and much much more. port 2593.
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Ultima Online Free Shard
Free Ultima Online server! Come All !!!RUNUO 1 own edition: Old School PvP, Evolving PvM system, new craft system, no skills cap, .Welcom
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The Realm of War PK Shard
| PVP-PK Server | Custom Armors - Items - Weapons - NPC | Monster Bash - TDM - PVP and more Events | New Shard - Fresh Start | Skillcap 400% Statcap 700 | A lot more Play with us |
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Zuluhotel World
Zuluhotel World is based on the old scripte of Zhc. 6 class whit 8 skills each and 6 level.
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tavla indir
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Zulu Hotel Brasil
Shard brasileiro 24 horas ON / POL 95 / Macro livre das 22:00 as 8:00 / Sistema de classe / Sistema de Donator / Ultima Online Moldain Legacy
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420 PVP
420 PVP port id is 2591
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Knights of the Black Rose
Free Shard old School No tweeks 100% up Time
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FallenHeroes UO
FHUO is a Cool Shard With Lots Of custom Scripts And new Mounts Nice Staff And Also hiring Staff Aswell port: 2593
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TDO - To Die On
*SECURE* Sphere51a Server. Old Novus Opiate/XUO Style Pvp and setup. Tons of new armour, weapons and events. Professional team, Friendly playerbase. English/Spanish and Russian.
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Thiolas Ultima Online Sunucuları
Eski ultima online anılarınızı tekrar yaşayabileceğiniz adres
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The Living Hell
*Custom Ride* *Custom Ingots* *Custom Woods* * Custom Decoration* Give Us a try!!,2593
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Mystical Nights
T2a style server, where you earn what you get. Not another OSI sissy clone. Every aspect of the game contains 1,000s of custom touches, including items, npcs, even skills. Visit our site to see the extreme custom detail guaranteed to be unrivaled.
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Dark Crusaders
We are a nice friendly shard working on getting more people, theres many customs and a evo. why dont u come try us out? you\'ll have fun!
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a New Style has been created by edited OSI Style , Fully RP , Balanced World , Full Spawned World with +200 new monsters and +1000 new items.
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Sosaria\\\\\\\'s Honor
A RunUO sever based on patch. We are a family ran server who created this server to have fun. Fully spawned server with many custom scripts.
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Uo Darkside
A german Freeshard based on Classic Sphere 56b
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Fantasy Of Realms
New Server Done!!!We have a very nice family shard here. No pvp , no skill cap, no swearing, no stealing from others, or harrassment.
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Ultima Online : Shattered Legacy
Welcome to Ultima Online : Shattered Legacy || We provide FREE (UO) Ultima Online Shards with a familiar EA/OSI experience. Play our free Pre-The Second Age & Age of Shadows/Samurai Empire/Mondain\\\\\\\'s Legacy Shards || ||
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Eternity UOSupremacy 25 Clone Server Skill/Stat ex
Supremacy 25 Clone Server Skill/Stat extremely fast-Loot is boosted ALOT AOS Only-1 Facet- Felucca Training Armor. Custom system to obtain artis/runics (no custom arties Shard IP : Port: 2593
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Sosaria\\\'s Honor
A RunUO RC 2 SVN 310 server using the latest patch An OSI Clone with Mondains Legacy added and custom scripts as well. Fully spawned world on a dedicated server.
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Wolfs Clan
WolfsClan 6 year online. This is a custome world we are testing out the patches and seeing how you all like the new artwork. First test login and see the new tree when start up and see how u like it if so we are going to add more new artwork like t
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Tired of the same old UO? Avarice has been running for over 7 long years in a completely customized world! Come explore our newest Custom Map, civilize the nascent landscape with new unique houses and become a true Renaissance man in a UOR themed wor
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** Alexandria (EasyUO) **
*** The Official EasyUO Shard ***
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