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Ultima Online India Shuruwat
First time in India, Dedicated Server. Mondain's Legacy [full] + Stygian Abyss [booster]. Cap 700/225 +PS/SS. Regular Events,PvP/PvE,2593
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UO Immortalis
The Premier T2A+ Shard. Free to play, many great features! Champion Spawns, Factions, BODs, Plant System, Dueling Arenas and more!
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UOReborn is a shard based in the UOR ERA. We are accurate with this ERA as we believe this was the highlight of UO we include features as follows : Bounty System, New BOD System, UOR PvP, NO NEON HUES, NO donations, Boat crafting system, and much mor
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An Nox
* Welcome to the ol' days of Minoc & Vesper * Free Fantasy Swords * Casino * Living NPCs * Passive Guards * Random Encounters * Custom Skill & Stats * Fun Alone or Bring the Group * IP: Port: 2593
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Altheria - Der UO Freeshard
Altheria Ultima Online Freeshard - spannendes und einzigartiges Rollenspiel, ML V5.0.2+. Erlebe dein Abenteuer auf Altheria.
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Der Ultimative PVP Freeshard
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--==[ MagneruS.Com ] ==--
Welcome to MAGNERUS, one of the BEST RPG SHARD with unigue Ultima Online Mondain's Legacy scripts, content and lore!!
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PreAoS with Great custom Features, PvP/PvM/RP
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The Mystic Circle
Mondain legacy normal osi rule set, 750 skill cap 300 stat cap, Custom dungeons mobs items artifacts quests and more. shard opens 10/17/2009
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Immortal Myths UO Freeshard!
~Adult Only RP & PVP~ Customs GALORE! A crafters paradise a questers dream! Custom wearables, deco and quest like you never seen before!! 2 Chars 3 houses per account. See our Website for more info!!
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Raistlins World
Run UO 2.0 Custom shard, custom quests, dungeons, custom champs and integrated SE and ML. New dedicated server, no lag - a truly unique UO experience.
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KR Reborn
Client patch to Free Mercs, Crafters Heaven!! Training area. Come join the fun.
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The Old World
The Oldworld ist als der am längsten existierende Rollenspiel Shard im deutschsprachigen Raum . Gute, böse und neutrale Charaktere verschiedener spielbarer Rassen (Elfen, Orks, Drow) mit einem eigenen
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Warriors of Night
Warriors of Night (WoNUO) is a PVP shard. We run a 56b emulator on a server with a 3.4 megabits per second internet line (about 3 times as fast as T1) on a local machine. We are a brand new shard. Custom scripts. See for more.
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Akara Essex
Custom Map, Races, Leveling Armor, Weapons, Items and Jewelry. Runic Smith Hammers, Tinker Tools, Sewing and Fletching Kits. Custom Ores, Woods, and Leathers. Family Friendly, RP and PVP. Go to our Website to Download Launcher.
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The HyperCube
4/6 casting, 7 custom factions, 12 Custom evo pets, Metals, Crafting systems, Spell systems, 500+ custom items, over 3500 custom scripts. Verbal commands, and Many Rare one of a kind items spawned. A server that meets everyones needs
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New shard, start with 7x GM skills and full stats. UOR without trammel, fast skill and stat gain, veteran rewards, mounts, factions, regular staff-run events, and much more!
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Age of Light
Running 3+ years! Custom quests, friendly players, extra ore/woods. NO skill gates or gate rooms. 1680 Skill cap/400 stat cap.
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100% Ultima Online (UO) A-Z
... Searchable Ultima Online (UO) Directory Listings! ...
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The UO World
Custom map, artwork, monsters systems, items offer a diverse environment that supports all play styles
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Ultima Online Horror Age
Fast growth of skills, set of novelties, excellent gameplay, six classes, professional staff, permanent jobs over a server.
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Ultima Online Freeshard Mysteria
Mysteria ist ein neuer deutscher Rollenspiel-Freeshard! 2011 ist das Jahr in dem das Spiel online geht, bis dahin freuen wir uns über jeden der an der Entwicklung teilnimmt oder einfach nur Interesse zeigt.
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Lothlorien PvP by karasha
Lothlorien PvP Sphere 55i. Download Lothlorien PvP Sphere 55i Full and change the scriots or more to create your own ultima online server. Join Site and meet Lothlorien PvP Sphere....
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Hegemonia - Servidor Brasileiro
Servidor Gratuito de UO. RunUO 2. ML Completo. Traduzido. Várias implementações. Encorajamos Interpretação (RP), Clãs e Famílias. Fome e Sede. Sistema único de guardas. Economia balanceada, focada no trabalho. Arenas p/ duelos.
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Light And Dark Ultima Online Shard
Russian Pvm Server. Game: Mondain\'s Legacy. Quests, Tournaments and etc... Good GM's.
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Legend's Shard
POL96. ZH3 Inspired. PVP Ranking, Classe Systems. 14 Ranks. 6 Classes. Capture the Flag. Colorwars. 37 Ores. 24 Logs. 18 Hides.
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CoV Renaissance Reclaimed
Renaissance era type shard from our point of view! Where gming a skill or getting gold meant something to a player! We add custom content without taking away from the Renaissance *feel* of the game! Also the first 50 Beta players receive a free mount
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The Golden Age
RunUo 2.0, Loads of Customs, Continuous Developement, Friendly Professional Staff, Events and Quests Daily! It really is Golden here
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Ulmaria : A Realm Of Myth And Magic
Ulmaria features a beautiful custom map that provides an extremely strong role playing environment A level system, an enhancement system and we boast a sandbox approach to the game Come play with us and you will have a wonderful time.
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Terra Three
Unlike any other Server, Custom Level System, Custom Artifact System, Character Development, Hardcore Roleplay. Currently in Alpha Testing. Come check us out!
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Fanatsy Realms
2.0 fully custom scripts We welcome any and all players young and old .....we have a 300 stat cap and a 1500 skill cap .... we have 5 fully spawned facets.....
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Forgotten Lands : PvP/PvM : Craft : Free
51a spherestyle PvP/PvM (RunUO emu), pre AOS, Full Felucca rules, Advanced Craft, No skillcap, smart staff.
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Aude Sapere
RunUO2.0 custom shard we welcome any and all players.We have a 300 stat capand 1500 skill cap. 5fully spawned facets. custom hues,factions,pvp,custom houses,mobs,items also alot of quests. Come join us for a great experience at Aude SApere
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Terra Firma
The only shard you'll ever need.
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Ambrosia - sphere 55i Ultima Online, no skill cap, stat cap 350 (125 max per stat), role playing encouraged but not mandatory, zoned PvP, macroing allowed. Long established shard!
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Zulu Hotel America
Bringing back the good old days of Zulu Hotel
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Rise to power
Uo Shard PvP Oriented
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UoUnderworld Custom Gdr Shard
Full Custom Shard - Items-Map-Skill 51 Cityes and More
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Komeplay - Free games online
Komeplay - Online Games, Action games, Adventure games, Shooters games, Logics games, Sports games, Funny games, Casino games, gamez, free,
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Dark Realm
Immense yourself into the world of Mondain's Legacy, meeting new friends, powerful foes, and walking the path to claim your rightful place among heroes. PvP and PvM/RP Friendly, Great GM's, New events almost weekly! check us out at our website!
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Fall To Oblivion
The Ultimate PvP PvM balanced shard with loads of customs. Daily events held by friendly and professional staff.
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svr world
pvm/pvp/auto account/nice quest and nice big casino :) gome and check it out just go to site for full details on how to join us
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Forestia : A New Beginning
Pub 15, custom map, Pre-AOS, nice staff, moderate skill & stat gain, PvP + RP, balanced custom tamable's & other creatures, no custom houses, constant balancing of PvP and other features due to player demand, great fun!
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Millenia - Die Pfade des Schicksals
Betrete die Welt von Millenia und werde ein Teil unserer tollen Spielergemeinschaft rund um einen Rollenspiel-Server voller neuer Systeme und Eigenheiten!
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RUS shard uo-online zahde uznesh!!
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Shard based on adventures and exciting tales! We have a friendly staff, PVP, rich PVM, custom champs, crafts, and much more. Come play with us and make your own adventure!
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>>Ultima T2A<<
>>Ultima T2A<<
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PurePK - PVP/PVM Shard
New PVP/PVM Shard, Alot of custom items, no skill gain, balanced PVM, Alot of EVENTS etc
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всем привет ета ultima online 3d и приглашаю вас на наш ш&
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