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SevenHearts Online

Welcome to the world of Seven Hearts, a 100% free to play iROSE style server with a growing community of over 800 players online daily. Hosted by multiple dedicated servers with regular updates, exclusive items & equipment, custom BGM tracks and more
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AruaROSE is a complete iROSE clone hosted on multiple dedicated servers, the latest Evolution content on the iROSE system and over 1000 players online. Destiny: 8x Exp/6x Zullie/1x Drop, Hebarn: 30x Exp/10x Zullie/10x Drop
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iRosePH Online

Most advanced server with Celestial War (Planet Wars), Item Mall In-game, Multiple Clan skills such as Clan Assist, Revenge, Ally system and etc., Custom Maps amp Items, 21 Different Gems, Bot Buffers, Active GMs and Devs and a fun community
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Natsume Monsters

Friendly GMs. Rates are 3500x EXP, 2000x Drop, 50x Zulie... Very Fast Server, No Lags, No downtimes and Get Level 200 weapons.
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Zeon Rose Online

Dual Xeon, 100mbit | Dedicated Server | Rates are x50 exp / x50 drop / x50 zuly. Join now and enjoy our server!
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Phoenix Rose

Phoenix Rose is a new rose online server | Rates are 1200x EXP 1000x DROP 500x ZULY | Item Mall is working | All major bugs fixed and very stable server | Reborn level is 230 | Join now.
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ROSE Evolution Unleashed

Our ROSE Evolution Unleashed is a great server we are currently in development, but so far we have great things working like, party, vending, clans, storage, quests, skills and pvp we have a great community also so come try us out
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Rose Online Cheats, Hacks, and Bots

Bot, hacks and private servers for Rose Online
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Rose Online Evolution

Rush On Seven Episodes
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pHrose™ ~200x dedicated

gawang pinoy para sa pinoy
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Come Join The World Of Your Fantasy!We Got A Great Community, Everything Is Almost Complete, Come And Be A Part Of The Magical World FRose!
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Seven rOz
Serveur Privé iRose orienté Role Play souple. Hébergé sur deux serveurs dédiés pour plus de stabilitée et pour minimiser les lags occasionés. Backup quotidien de toutes les Bases de données. Evenements hebdomaires, serveur en constante evolution !
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NonameROSE is a iRose Clone that is 100% free to play, 24/7 Online, /5 EXP/2,5x Zulie/ 1x Drop/ Friendly GM's, Much Events,All bugs are fixed! No Lag! over 100 Registered Users ! JOIN US!
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Inferno Rose EVO
Rose Evo|New & Nearly Complete Server|10x exp|7x Drop|24-7 up-time|Great Gm Team, helpful community, and active forums! Come join me Icon and both our iRose & iL2 servers!
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AlyaRose - iRose clone
The newest iRose clone. With rates of x15exp | x11 zuly | x10drop. With a lot of unique content seen only on this server. Join us now! Resourceful npc's & purchasing enabled for Castle Gears!
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Rose Online Brasil
Servidor de Rose Online brasileiro utilizando sistema iRose. Excelente estabilidade, sempre com novos equipamentos e roupas. Loja de Itens e novidades. Servidor com Exp 5x, Drop 1x, Zulie 2x.
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Xtreme Rose
Xtreme Rose. Exp: 100 Drop: 45 Zuly: 45 HIGH RATE !! Join us today !!
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The best R.O.S.E server ever. Totaly in iRose style and newest updates!
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R.O.S.E Private Server
R.O.S.E online private server, testing rose online private server. Come now and test with us. Rates are normal, close to real R.O.S.E come now.
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Rose Servers, Supercheats, Datebase.
Xtreme Server l Evolution Server l ROSE Supercheats l Hacks l Bots l ROSE No.1 Community l ROSE Downloads
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Seven ROSE Online
Description: Serveur francophone. Client traduit en francais. Mise a jour régulières. Equipe complète, dev, animateurs, GMs, traducteurs... | Jamais down ! No lag ! NOUVEAU SERVEUR !! | LE DEX CLERIC EST POSSIBLE ! Comme sur iROSE !| Rates : 15x EXP
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Welcome to FunRose, free online server! Exp 90, Drop 9, Zuly 20, Maxstats 300, Nice GMs, ZulyMall
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Celestial Rose
Celestial-Rose a lag-free server, whe offer nice GM's, much events and many more. So visit our website fast! and enjoy!
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xROSE - Another complete iROSE Clone - Rates Not Chosen
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Shades of ROSE
Shades of ROSE is a private server that has 100x rates and a nice community and is growing fast!
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Dragon Rose
High rates ! Nice GMs ! Go 1/31 ! No lag ! We need a developer ! JOIN US !
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use hamachi: name LoveRose2-Password: 1234 ....Name:loverose3....Pass:1234....Friendly GM what u want and best server best connection.......please come play with us and enjoy our game...
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Game System:iROSE Online Rates:Drop:25x* NPC Price:1x** Exp:20x Zuly:2x Reward:2x Rate:1.5x A fun server to play in and injoy your self feel free to come join us today!
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Evil Fighters ROSE Online
The Best Free Russian Server
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Keks Rose
Keks Rose is a complete iROSE clone, (Rates: 75exp/35drop/10zuly/15Quest) Friendly GMS, Server Run 24/7 stable/secure.
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sRose Fun Server
sRose is a Fun Rose Online server with cool site features like Job changing and lvl resets. Server is online 24/7 and its hosted on a 100mbit dedicated server.
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We are a full working Irose server that has great GM's and low rates...Are rates are EXP=5x, Zulie=2.5x and Drops=1x....Come and check us out.
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Ultimate Rose Online
Ultimate Rose is a good, stable server with growing community. Rates: exp 2000x, drops 1000x. Everyday Multiple GM's online! Daily Event! Join now for the Ultimate Rose Evo Experience! Note: bonfire and salamander summons work!
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100% ROSE Online A-Z
... Searchable ROSE Online Directory Listings! ...
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NamelessRose ~Please Enjoy and Have Fun~
3000/1000/500 awsome, just try to play here and see it for urself ^^ Good Gm and Friendly... (NO DONATIONS)
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[iRose-Corp. Like: 9/1/1, iRose complet, NO bugs, NO Lag, Stable, NO down], Save toutes les 24h, UP 24/24h - 7j/7, client complet avec updater, EVENTS réguliers, Nombre de joueurs en hausse ! Record de 49 joueurs le 28/09/07
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24/7 SERVER | Fun Community | Nice Admins | EXP x10 | Drops x40 | Zuly x40
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endless Dimensions Rose Online
24/7/365 online Rose Online Server with all Jobs, skills and a 50x/30x/15x rate. Friendly GM\\\'s and many more. Join Now!
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Revolution R.O.S.E.
Revolution R.O.S.E. is a fully functional, fully up to date Rose EVO private server. We have custom rates, GM\'s ONLINE, and a dedicated Admin/Dev Team eagerly keeping our servers up to date. NO DOWNTIME! (24 hour admins) Maximize your fun! Join now
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IntelRose, 24/7 Online, 99% Non Donation Server. Highest Rates, New Mobs/Boss, Friendly and Active Staff. Balance & Challenging Game
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Odes R.O.S.E Re-Opening
This Rose is new server...we are recruiting GMs now...this is a 1k times EXP, DROP, & ZULIE...Come & join us now...We are giving Castle Gears and Sporty Carts...22/7 dedicated server...Castle gears are in npc..More New Items...
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FeoNRose is an irose server with a great comunity. Server stats are: 30x exp 30x drop 5x zuly. We've got frendly GM's with many events every day... All we need is more players so we can become a big and great comunity!
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Endless ROSE Online
Free 2 Play ROSE Online Evolution. RATES: 300/300/300
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renegade force rose =D
Hi, i am recruiting GM's.also zuly:x700 drop:500 and exp:1700.Not many people on, so vote!=D
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nRose Evolution
nRose Evolution is a private server...
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Gantz Rose
exp/drop/zuly = 5k great game features with new lvl 180 n 200 weapon ..... all items can be bought fromm gm ... gm are nice n we are looking for more.=) pls come join the great community =)
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Ilusions Rose Online
an evolution type of Rose that is online 24/7 x 366 days... and we serve lifetime so need to you to change new server to play with as FREE... so enjoy with us while playing on our server thanks...
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Nimus Rose Online
Rose Online Evolution 100% Work : OPENING 12/10/207
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a new fun open beta server nice gms all we need now are players, JOIN NOW!
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Legends of Rose
Custom Release | Quests | Events | Gentle Community | 8x/5x/5x | JOIN US |
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