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Gangsta Players wanted! You think you got balls? Apply within!
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Home of Toxic Wow players WOTLK 3.0.9 HR Blizzlike[Friendly & Staff][24/7][DK's runic power][Teleporter][Northrend and Instances Spawned][WORKING NAXX &OS
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24/7 : [NEW, LR: 5/5/3, MaxLv 99/70] [MID: 100/100/20, MaxLv 255/120 @go @storage] Custom items [ Full Gunslinger & Ninja & HOMUNCULUS ]
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Azure RO - Brand New Server
x60x60x30, LAUNCHED MARCH11th 2013/ AntiBot/Cheat Protection/ Pre-Renewal / No 3rd Class / Custom Housing System / Vote for Points
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War of Empires
Medieval warfare on a grand scale. Train soldiers, create armies, and conquer your opponents. Join with your friends to create clans so that your empire becomes even stronger.
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RF LethalGod
Full 2.1.6 Pvp Server • 100x Rates, Level 60 Cap/Armors/Weapons, Full Shop/items, Perfect Items, Custom Mobs/Pbs, Full Equipped Npc/Drop, Gamecp Vote-Shop, Full Events, White Maus-Black Siege- 55 Animus, Possible +6/+7, No Op Donate, No Corruption
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Camorra World
Massive Online Multiplayer Game! Play versus thousands of others! Checkout the screenshots before you have to signup!
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Core Exiles
Core Exiles is a PBBG based Epic Space game. You play the part of the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune. Unlike many browser based games CE is a persistent game and therefore does not reset .
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The Wrestling Game
Free online RPG fighting based, the ONLY ONE whit more then 500 moves. Thousand of players are waiting to challenge you in, 1VS1, 2VS2, 1VS1VS1.
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Free online MMORTS browser based game, subscribe for just $5 a month for an advantage! Sign up for free today!
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The Five Pillars
The Five Pillars is a game where you play the role of a powerful mage controlling your own kingdom. The aim of the game is to develop and expand your kingdom better than any of the other players. You start out with a little patch of land to grow on.
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Crime Valley
It\\\'s a new generation of gaming, it is updated faster than any other game special features flash casino\\\'s movies while ranking unlimited original special options Too much,too mention..... Take a look for yourself and find out
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Gracia Part 2 - HighRate(PvP) - Total Custom Server .. Full PvP Server! Enjoy your PvP!
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Multiplayer Online Browser Based Strategy Game, 100% FREE, where you are the leader of a Medieval Kingdom. Develop your cities, your economy, your army and conquer Medievalen!
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PATCH 2.4.3 - WOWM8 - INSTANT 70
[3 Realms][INSTANT 70 FUN SERVER][Blizz High Rates][Blizz Instant 70][Patch 2.4.X][ARENA SEASON 4][ALL NEW 2.4 GEAR][Scripted Instances][FUN QUESTS][TIER 7][TAXI][1000 MB CONNECTION][NO LAG][Voting Rewords][JOIN US]
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UtopiaRO - 25x/25x/15x
Celebrating our 1-year anniversary with double rates! No wipes, no downtime, no corruption! 25/25/15 - 50/50/30 until Saturday May 7th, 2011. Custom GvG, custom main town (Gladia), amazing staff and community. Join today and partake in special annive
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DarkTemplarL2 Freeshard
3x Rates / Charviewer / Marketplace / Custom NPCs, Areas, Quests / Active GMs / Rootserver / 24/7 Online! / Deutschsprachige Community
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Gangster Game
Gangster Game is a new text-based mafia game set in modern times. Start out small in 1 of 7 cities, and work your way to the top! steal cars, smuggle drugs, establish your own Crime Ring on your path to becoming a Criminal Overlord!
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To Advent : Everyday a S,S80 or S84 Item as Advent door gift .Cursed Weapon Event .Smash the Pigs/Cats. And many more.Test it , now ;) More Informations on our Homepage and/or Forum.
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Server Low Rates 3.1.3 - Hispanic & Latinoamerican people // Mob Skills, Boss Skills, Billingual GMs, Northrend Open
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Lineage Kamael
• new server (from 18.02.2008) • free CH • Anti Bot System • 4x4x4x3x4 • No donations • Custom Armors • All Classes • PVP • Events • Custom NPCs • Custom Items • Custom Quests • Friendly Community • Dedicated 1000Mbit/s • 24/7up • Powerfull server ma
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Top MuOnline Sites
Top MuOnline Sites, Find the best Muonline Servers at Here. HalfLife, Halo, UnrealTournament, MPOG, MMORPG/MPOG, WorldofWarcraft, UltimaOnline, MUOnline, RoseOnline, WorldofWarcraft, DarkAgeofCamelot
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Dynasty Saga
Dynasty Saga is a brilliant free Web Browser Multiplayer Game set on an historical background. It has 72 Unit Types, 8 Battle Formations brings an innovative RTS style’s Strategic mixed RPG Game play. Play Now!.
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GraveyardRan Extreme Server
- 2x Dedicated Server Machine - NO HAMACHI | NO LAG Server - Strong Network - Anti Hack Implemented - PRo Developers and Coders - 167-187 Skills are FREE!!! - 30 REBORNS FREE every character!!! - Balanced GamePlay with Extreme High EXP and TOTAL DROP
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••••••• MuPEACE™ § MuWAR™ •••••••
SEASON 4 ! Three 24/7 Servers (PvP and NonPvP), Online 300 players, EXP: 150 (400x!!! S1) Shop, Market, Quests, Summoner, Bloody Summoner, and Dimension Master,Grand Master, Blade Master, High Elf, Duel Master, Lord Emperor ...
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Shields-Up is a browser based Epic Space game. You are the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune. contains 4 Galaxies, 124 System, 583 Planets and star bases and over 400 in game items.
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In God We Trust (Gracia)
Rates 15x/EXP 15x/SP 45x/Adena No custom chop, Npc Buffer,TvT,SubClasses,Squash Event, Hero System,1hour buffs, No lag.
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Rf Asylum
CUSTOM EPISODE 2.2.4 • High Rates, PvP Gear• Level 100 Cap • In Game Currency CashShop • New 100 Mau, Dragon Siege Kit • Events • Active GMs and NO CORUPTION •125 GEARS
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DS: The Revolution
The world is in need for new warriors to join to help stop the destruction that has ocurred,
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VR2- Virtual Viruz Online
Build a Unique Viruz by Uploading your File and Attack other players' computer in simulate network.
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Gangster Nation
Free classic gangster themed browser game, open since 2005. We have a great community of long lasting players, come and join in with the fun!
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F2P Pokemon MMORPG Game
PokemonCraft F2P Pokemon MMORPG Online Pokemon Game and differs Online Pokemon Games by using Pokemon Platinum , Heart Gold & Soul Silver Game Mechanics
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Urban is based on the streets of the cities that we live in today. This world is filled with Gangstas who see killing as a sport.
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A New Experience Omg-WoW
Integrated NPCs (trainers,vendors) || Vote and be rewarded ||Working Battleground || Arena || PvP || Events || Guild wars || GMs ingame || 50x rate server || Lag-free || Stable server || ||Active forum ||Make ur own videos and be rewarded
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Original Ragnarok Online
10x/10x/7x • VERY STABLE # No Wipes • Ep 14.1 # 700+ Custom Dyes # Great GMs & Players # No custom ITEMS # Very close to iRO
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RusRo Servers
Rusro Freya 4/4/1.RusRo Thor 1000/1000/200.The project has been running for several years, during that time we could give consideration to every detail at the server.If you're intresting in particular you could read the rest at our site.
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Golden Crop
Plant crops, rear animals and fight for your right to be the best farmer.
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BiocideCity | Nuclear Wasteland
Play in apocolyptic nuclear wastelands with big ol' guns and nasty weapons
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Hidden Ragnarok Online
High Rate Primarily English PK Server || Rates: 5k/5k/1k Card 5% MvP Card 1% || Anime Themed with many custom items & quests || Balanced Classes || Chances to win Real Life prizes! -> [XBox and Ps3 Game points and more!] || 3rd jobs coming soon
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RF Tomato
RF TOMATO (2.2.3) Full PvP with 500x Exp / GM / GM. lots of new items coming! All Armors Lv. 1 (means you can +5 without gems!) Cap: Level 80 (welcome back ether!) - Inter-Race trading using game cp.
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Reign Of Blood
A New Vampire RPG Game.
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RF Online
Upgrade in Progress | Helpful GM |
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Toxic Ragnarok Servers
• HR 5k·5k·1k [255/150 - Items, Mobs y Maps Customs]• HR 1k·1k·100x [99/70 - No Customs]• LR 5x·5x·10x[99/70 - No Customs]• [WoE 1, WoE 2, Ancient WoE]-[Cash System]
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TerraWorld Online Reborn
Terraworld is a FREE, very large, 2D On-line Role-playing game. It is filled with never ending quests and a very active community!
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NewUtopia MuOnline Season2 and Season3 Items 3D
EXP: 1600x Drop: 70%, All Season2 Events working including Nightmare!Marriage,ExtraVaults,Dragon Pet,Jewel Compress,!Friend messenger!JOIN US!Friendly GMs!Good Support in game and forum!Dedicated Servers!LongTerm!
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Mutiny WoW 2.4.x Sunwell Fully Spawned
Mutiny WoW 2.4.3 Supported/ Public Ventrilo/ Funserver Instant 70 10,000 Gold to start PvP Realm/ Blizzlike Server High Rates/ Dedicated Server Low Latency Highly Stable/ Custom Creations 8000 User Cap/ Helpful GM Staff/ Events held everyday/ Forums
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100 Mbit connection (NO LAG), Long Term Server, EXP: 700x Drop: 70%,DL full working, NEW AWESOME MAPS AND MOBS, 3 NEW SETS (created by us) All Events Working Including Castle Siege and much more! JOIN US!Friendly GMs!Good Support in game and forum!
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ShmaRO - We're just hotter.
3rd Jobs | Renewal System
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Paper Airplane 3D
free paper airplane flight simulators and interactive 3d animations to fold +50 models of paper airplanes and paper boats, that guided you, step to step, in the construction.
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L][-Vanimar Freya High 5
Grand Opening am 15.12 von Chronos dem neuen Internationalen low-mid rate H5 Server. Schneller Support. Komplettes Hellbound System. Komplette Seven Signs Reihe Eigenes Berufssystem. Faires Enchantsystem. H5 Geodaten. H5 Dragon Valley/Antharas Lair
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