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Weed Wars Tournament
Weed Wars Tournament has 8 weed long rounds, at the end of which results in a prize winner as well as other winners. Buy Land, add property, and harvest to gain your weed - or raid others to take theirs!
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St Brendans Cross
MMORPG. Intelligent NPC's, FREE, no downloads.
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The Dog Father
Enter the Dog Fighting world and you will become the boss of a Show or Fight kennel . As a Breeder, you won\'t have any legal restraints to make money. Indeed, your options are infinite.
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Galactic Fleets
Command an Empire & Build an Empire. Free Browsed Based Online MMORPG
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Samurai War is a multiplayer online game. You are an elite Samurai. Your mission is to capture potential threats and prevent them from endangering your dynasty. If it may happen that one of these fugitives manages to escape from your trap, they w
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Cantr II
Cantr II is an online role-playing game, in which a large number of players play an even larger number of characters who all together form different societies all over our virtual world.
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The Mafia Paradise
Enter the Mafia world and you will become the boss of a crime gang. As a mobster, you won't have any legal restraints to make money. Indeed, your options are infinite.
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Dawn of Myth
Fully free medieval online strategy game with 3 races(humans,deamons and dwarves). No addons needed, no flash, no java. - Take part of battles and become a legend.
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The Age of Dragons
The Age of Dragons is a totally free text-based game played on the web directly through your browser with no downloads required . Join today and build your kingdomup to be the most powerful kingdom in the world .
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War of Despair
War of Despair is a Free to Play Text-Based RPG. The game is split into Good VS. Evil and there is tons to do, you can Battle/Travel/Quest/Chat/Rare Drops/Upgrade($) plus more to come.
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The 1st Class Pimp
Want to rule the streets? Become the most powerful? Take out everyone on your own or join forces. The choice is yours!
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The Hit Is Out !
The Contract Mafia is a free web based game,Based on the real mafia life.We have a great staff and great players...Come join in the fun.
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Endless Online
a Free realtime thirdperson isometric mmorpg. Design your own anime characters, explore, fight npcs, earn items and meet the the other player.
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Kingdom Grounds
This is a truely unique role-playing game. Unlike other games Kingdom Grounds has a real rpg-gamestyle. Start off as a Wizard, Knight or Cleric and explore a vast world with over 100 enemies. Visit cities, complete quests and build your own castle!
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Alpha Vertikan Empire 2
real time strategy browser based game in space. build up your star empire!
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Pirate The World - Online Adventure Game
Pirate The World is an online adventure game where you can earn real cash and prizes for free. Sail the world and discover your fortune by searching for gold, prizes and real money! Attack pirates (online players) and towns you find along the way.
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The web browser game based on Fallout and Fallout 2. Will you dare to enter?
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SRO Source
First Trying to run Silk Road online server with EMU. Char Work, Skill Almost work, Teleport, PET
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Crusader Knights
Crusader Knights is a Turn Based Online Game (TBOG) where you are a Medieval Lord in charge of you own Realm. Multiple modes of Combat. Player driven game/story. Can join Kingdoms and Adventures.
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Be the DON
Be the DON is a FREE turn-based mafia game. You take up the role of a Mafioso and do everything it takes to dominate your city, How you wanna earn your respect and loyalty is up to you! Be the smartest, Be the strongest, Be the DON!
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After Life
The ultimate fight in Good Vs Evil. Become an angel and fight for good or feeling evil, become a demon and wage war on the angels or be a half-breed and choose a side. The Battle for your soul begins now!!!
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RYL2 Reunion Online
Risk Your Life is one of the few MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that bring you an online Virtual reality atmosphere that is both completely interactive and immersive.
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Global Insanities - MMORPG
Browser based modern-day economic and military strategy
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Phantom Quest
A Game of Fantasy Quests to Riches or certain Death. Do you have the Knowledge to solve the riddles that lay within? Enter and Find your Path or Lose yourself Completely.
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Path to Pelantas
It is said that the best lords live as kings in Pelantas. Everybody’s dream – yours too I guess? Well, what are you waiting for? Go assemble your heroes! The next battle will soon be due! Path to Pelantas is FREE of charge.
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MafiaAXE is a free texted mafia game. Cool new things. The biggest mafia IS YOURS!
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A sleepy world awakens to a time of war. Fight to defend the moon or advance an attack for darkness? Active RPG forum with extensive shops, RP lands, and features. Play by post.
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Join the bloodiest mafia mmporg online that\'s fully browser based and see whose blood you will spill! Real cash prizes to the bloodiest mobster!
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The Softwire's Rings of Orbis
A free and exciting game based on the science fiction book series, The Softwire. Become a Citizen, enter the slave auctions and compete to be the most powerful alien on the rings.
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Blood Money Mafia
Blood....Money....Mafia the 3 essentials in the mafia world. Shed blood and make other bleed for you family...Earn money and respect... Protect your family. Come join Blood-Money-Mafia and have tons of fun!
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The Legendary Mafia
On-line Mafia RPG Game - Enter the gangster world, work your way up through the ranks to become a legendary Godfather by any means you can.
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Runescape Money,Runescape Gold,Runescape GP,Runesc
Runescape Money,Runescape Gold,Runescape GP,Runescape Coins,
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Slavers Delight
The best UNQUE RPG out there...
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234 is based on the real mafia, you work your way through the ranks by hijacking trucks, bank robberies, extortion, murder and many other street crimes.
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Free Whispers in Akarra Shard
Whispers in Akarra is a free MMORPG game shard from the popular game which was discontinued afew years ago, for more information and client downloads check the site!
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Dragon's Kingdom: Resurrection
The great dragon has taken over the land. Join forces with characters of other classes to form guilds, build houses, buy and sell goods, weapons, and armor. You can even use magic as you learn to develop your character into a legendary hero!
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A free 2D mmorpg maker with mind blowing feature\\\'s that destroy the compition
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Free erotic games sites links ranked by popularity. Cartoon. hentai, 3D adult games. Best sex games bookmark.
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Warrior Epic
Warrior Epic takes the genre into new territory. It is free to download and play, no strings attached. Choose many warriors from a large group of specialized classes and play coop campaigns or slug it out with friends in PVP. New content every month.
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Graal Reborn - Das kostenlose ORPG!
German Graal Reborn Community - Erlebe riesige Welten, löse Quests oder erstelle eigene! Du hast auch die möglichkeit einen eigenen Server zu erstellen um dann mit Freunden deine eigene Große Online Welt zu bauen.
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Adult Browser Games
Adult Browser Game and RPG Toplist
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Dead Earth
Play as a corporation in this free, real-time, MMO game and try to control the asteroid belt 100 years in the future. Research tech, upgrade your bases and expand your corporate Empire with fleets of ships, while defending against other threats.
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Dark Fusion
Great online RPG game, Very active chat rooms and message boards with Friendly players and staff, lots of stuff to do including battling, training, mining, exploring, crimes, training, fishing, farming, battling and lots more
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Do u wanna be the biggest PIMP in ur city? Do u want other PIMPs to respect u? Do u like to recuite for the best hoes and produce the best drugs? If u think u have what it takes to be a real pimp,signup now.its FREE and nothing to download !!!
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Rise of Tyrants
CRAZY free online game. Build a virtual army and use it to compete with others in a frenzied battle for domination. Ridiculously silly, ridiculously addictive, ridiculously fun!
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Zombie Pandemic
Zombie Pandemic is a free PPBG (persistent browser based game) multiplayer zombie game. The game features enriched RPG elements, including advanced combat, a skill tree and navigation on a real world map with hundreds of locations
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Former mafia boss or pimp? Now you're an inmate in the big house! Be your own prison gang boss, collect from your hustlers, and attack other convicts. We've been expecting you. ...Don't drop the soap! Award every round. Free mmorpg
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Online Pirate Game
Online Pirate Game is A massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Where there is a sea there are pirates! Starting JP will be $10 and game will have %50 progressive jp including the subscriptions purchased.
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HeatGames PerfectWorld Server
Exp:3000,Drop:1000,Money:300,SP:1000. Double exp,money and drop events every day! Invasion event everyday at random times! Items up to G17 + Zhuxian items,mobs and npc! Cubi in AH all the time!AutoPatcher!Online 24/7 Friendly Staff and email support!
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Exploring Azoundria
A text-based MMORPG in which you explore the constantly expanding world of Azoundria, collecting items, improving your stats, trading and competing with others, completing quests, battling monsters, and much more...
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