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L2 Silent Revolution
German Lineage 2 Rollenspiel Server [Raten XP:2;SP:2.5;Adena:2;Drop:2;Spoil:3] [Aktive GMs] [C3 & C4 Skills] [C3 & C4 Quests] [C4 Monster+Stats+Drops] [Alle C4 Gegenden] [Castle Siege] [Seven Signs] [C4 Pets] [Fishing]
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Dwarfen revolution
Welcome to a NON PK/PvP Lineage2 C3 server. No Donation - No Corruption. Rates xp=10 sp=10 adena=13 drop=10 spoil=15 TOI Catas Mana/greater Healing Pots/Quest marks in Giran Lux. NO GM Shop. All C3 Spellbooks and Recipes in mobs
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Masters of Destruction World
Free Servers | WoW | MU online| Lineage 2 | 100 mb link | Dedicated | 24/7
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(Lineage2 C4 ) Exp x65 SP x80 Adena x400 Drop x25 Spoil x25 Pvp enabled + new c4 skills)~ Uptime 95.5% ~ (*custum gm shop*events*ect )-(low rate) Exp x7 SP x6 Adena x35 Drop x25 Spoil x25 Pvp disabled)+new c4 skills *have fun*
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Lineage2War Gracia Final [4x]Retail [45x]PVP
Gracia Final Servidor Hispano Dedicado 100/100Mb
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Athenea Knights Hellbound
Server Latino, olimpiadas ,skiles T1, low rates 5x5x5 esperamos que te diviertas y nos ayudes a crecer
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Chronicle 4, L2off, 35/35/100/1/1, Dedicated Staff, Play and Win, lots of content added, GM shop, Global teleport, come try us out ...
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Deutschsprachiger Kamael Freeshard ! ][ Rates: EXP:5 SP:5 Adena:10 ][Self Create Shops][Dimensional Rift][Primeval Isle][Hero System][Subclass][Active GMs][Cursed Weapon][TvT][Augment][Wedding]
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>>>LIONA <<<
Hellbound - 15x - L2offf - No Dual box
0 10


L2 OldSchool 35x Server
New C5Off 35x server coming soon. Lots of features, a lot of custom items, friendly staff, lots of pvp, balanced donation system. Raid bosses, oly and a lot of daily events. Strong community.
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L2 Pegasus | HELLBOUND server
CLANS WITH 10+ ACTIVE MEMBERS will receive FREE AIO for 1 month!| Custom Economy! | NPC Buffer | Hellbound 100% | 35x | Custom shop | Global GK| Custom Locations/items/Npcs/Quests.| 99% kamael skills Join now and help us build a great community!
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EVO Lineage II Interlude
Free Bulgarian server with optimal rates and good admin
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Kingdom Of Heroes
Serveur Lineage 2, C-5, for rates and others please look on website, too much good things for write
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.::L2 Anderwelt::.
Lineage2 C5 Server. RP gern gesehn. Nette Community und netter Staff. Funktionnierende Quests. Raten [EXP/SP 3x] [Adena/Drop 5x] [Party 2x] [PetEXP 5x] [Quest Rewards 8x]
0 13


L2 Realm of Chaos
L2j Online 24/7, rates are 35x exp & sp, 100x adena. We are c4 working on c5, we have all chronicle mobs, all skills, fishing, hero, nobless, nobless skills, olimpyad, skills enchant, third class, sub class, marriage event, & GM shop
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Sarcast's Realm
C5| No lag server and easy to connect with. rates 3.0 to keep you and your friends entertained for a long time! |C5 Skills|C5 Weapon/Armors|Fishing|Boate|Castle Sieges|Clanhalls|Olympia|SevenSigns|Events|Pv|RP|Community|SubClasses|S-Grad|
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Lineage 2 Portal
The newest portal. Nothing to lose if you register there ;)
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WinterLand LineAgeII C4 UA-IX Сер
Lineage II C4. UA-IX Server Rates 5/7/7/8/8 (Standart Game) & Rates 9999 for PvP Server. All Works.
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Fenrir - Interlude
International • xp-sp-drop5 spoil7 adenas8 • Champions mobs • TS • Irc • Cheaper GKs • Castle Sieges • Clan Halls • Medals • L2Day • Cursed & Shadow Weapons • Noblesse • Heroes
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..:: L2 SaviorS - Gracia Part II ::..
100X - GK Global - Npc Buffer - GMShoP - Augment - Gm Friends 100% On - Vesper/Icarus/Dynasty/EpicItems/Dusk and more... Join Now!!!
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German Lineage 2 Freshard - Exp: 2x SP: 3x Party-Exp: 2x Party-SP: 2x Drop: 4x Spoil: 5x Adena: 4x
0 12


Freya, TvT, Rebirth system! Unique Events! Exp - 20x Sp- 20x Drop - 20x Raid Drop - 20x Manor Drop - 20x Come and check it out!
0 11


Lineage : Good vs Evil :PvP:
CT1 Kameal/Hellbound + The Original Faction PvP System, no other server like this 2 Factions, No Peace Zones, Capturable Towns
0 9


L2 Demon Interlude
L2 Interlude | 35x35x200x5x | 1 hr buffs | TVT/CTF/DM | 3 Professions | Olympiad | Lux GK | Marriage | Friendly GMs | Duel System | ...and more coming!!
0 11


L2 Chronicle 3/4 Servers * 2 Servers you can choose from * 1 Highrate (Exp 80x) with GM Shop up to S-Grade* 1 Lowrate (Exp 7x) * Working Weaponglow * Working Quests * Rideable Strider and Wyvern*Constant Updates * Growing Community * 24/7 online *
0 11


Server c5 full - interlude comunidad hispana...
server c5 y interlude .hero system ,nobless system ,clan halls and more...
0 12


Lineage ][ Online
*Kamael* Ein Lineage 2 Kamael Server mit den Raten Xp: 4 Sp: 4 Drop: 8 Adena: 8! Da der Server noch recht Jung ist könnt ihr noch ganz oben Mitmischen... CoMe iN aNd FInD OuT =) *Kamael*
0 9


DARKNICK LineAge II Interlude Server
Rates: XP x2000 SP x2000 Adena x4000
0 11


Great Low Rate Server, 3-7x Rates, great uptime, no Lags, no Bugs, Dedicated Staff and Server Hardware, Join us, and feel true Game Experiance!
0 12


Lineage II Unitelecom
INTERLUDE Weapons And Accesories!! Grand Olimpiad, Fishing, Nobless, Interlude Skills, Interlude Spawns, Interlude Armors , low rates.
0 12


Full c4 greek l2 server.Rates : -exp: 10.000 -sp: 15.000 -adena: 20.000. Come and join NOW
0 14


Lineage Isle
FREYA Special mid rate. Custom npc, NPC Buffer Xp=25, Sp=25, Dropp=15, Spoil=20 Special Instances, Event= EventManager!
0 10


L2 Zeal - BRAND NEW!
Brand new community (1/28/2011) 25x Exp/35x Adena/15x Drop/15x Spoil, Free Global GK, Free Class Change, Raid Status, No Donations
0 12


[International servers: Interlude 7x and Kamael 35x PvP] [Staff languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese] [Noblesse, Wedding, Rift, Cursed Weapons, Olympiad, Siege all castles, A & S drops and more!]
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.:: L2Ultimate ::.
High rate full c4 retail server! Rates 40x, skill auto set! Subclass,nobless,hero system! Custom areas and raid bosses! Enjoy...
0 10


The Line of Darkness
The Line of Darkness est un Serveur Lineage II - Interlude RATE: XP.35/SP.35/Adenas.50 Divers: Full C6, Nombreux Events, GMShop Deluxe, Très bonne ambiance! UP 24h/24 & 7J/7!
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Bloody Mary
Interlude server, Exp x8, Sp x20, Drop x10, GM Shop, Subs, Heros
0 13


L2 Heaven of heroes
Brandnew Lineage 2 Server |FULL INTERLUDE !!! ALL INTERLUDE SKILLS | costom gm shops, TVT+ CTF Events,| NPC Buffers | many features |Rates : 30x xp/40x sp/ 200x adena / 4x drop /8x spoil || friendly GMs
0 16


International L2 Kamael Server (8,8,11,6,8) Hero system Working, Raid Events, Community Buffer, Misc Shops with cool stuff, start with good NoGrade Equip, Custom Spawns at Neewbie Zones, No Spellbook Drops in catas and Necros, Geodata ON
0 16


Randor Server
Deutsche Lineage2 C5 Freeshard. Rollenspiel ist hier Pflicht. Einsteigerfreundliches Rollenspiel, eigenes Teleportersystem, zu Tavernen umfunktionierte Clanhalls, Gesandte(newbie helper) und mehr..
0 13


L ][ Andromeda
l2 andromeda 35x rates ,olympiad system,c4 areas,c4 skills,3rd jobs, fishing,unique events dutch,,spanish and english support ][No donators! No corupted gm's.
0 11


L2Metall server
Full interlude server +10 events server rates x10,x10x,x15,x15
0 11


Full Lineage2 Chronicle5 Rates XP x50 SP x60 Drop x20 Adena x70 Spoli x50 Party x2 (getting more EXP when in party) Enjoy and have fun!!!
0 12


Seven Seals and the Festivals of the Dark/A/S Grade recipes/Quest on Strider/fishing/all clanhalls are available/all castles (Innadril and Goddard incl.) are available/ craft of S-grade items/all possibilities of Chronicle 4 and much other!
0 11


2 Servers (Blackbird 100x) & (Core 5x): Blackbird: 2 Week Oly Period, GM Shop, NPC Buffer with Pet Buffer, Custom Apella Armor, Clan Rep Quests now give +++Rep Points. Core: Offline Trade Mode, Enchant Rates is Retail, & more. Come check us out!
0 12


L2 Realm
C4, 30x rates, unique stack skills subclass, custom tattoos, custom potions, new and friendly community! Long-term server.
0 10


Lineage 2 Italia
New Italian (and not) community. The only one italian server with Seven Signs fully working and L2J Team admin. Join us!!!
0 10

148 World - Gracia x6 Server
GRACIA x6 RATED SERVER • ONLINE 2700+ • EXP/SP x6, Aden x7, Drop/Spoil x10 • Active GMs • Awesome Events and Growing Community! • Strong AntiBot System & Network Security • NEW SEASON JUST STARTED! JOIN US!
0 11


Age of Shadows
2 Interlude Pvp x500 and x1000, New C6 L2off 22/11/07, Kamael Pvp x100. Customs Items, AIO Buffer, 100MBits/s no lags
0 9


Deutscher Server, C5 mit vielen Eigenen Features wie Wyvern/craft/spoil für alle möglich, eigene Items, neuem Angel-System, veränderten Pets überarbeitete Qests und noch viel MEHR!! Unser Motto: Weg mit Langeweile und Dauer-Farmen!! 1x/1x/2x/4x
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