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Legend of Mir 3 server zentaur

Free Server with the lastes server engine (glowing armours/uncapped stats), great community, additional fetaures build your UniqueOwnItem, HierarchyTiles (Lord, Duke ... King), additional maps AncientRuins, SnowTower, ShaftProvince special fo PK Hero
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Legend of Mir 3-AmenonServer

A German MIR3 Non-PVP Server. Free for all...Join us
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Xtreme Phoenix Mir3G

Running over 22 Months, Great Community, more New Features than ANY other server out there! First Server Outside of china to run CD3.55 (includes new glowing armours/uncapped stats). Great Events, More Updates EVERY week. Join Xtreme Servers TODAY!
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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed

Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed is the best MMORPG Multiplayer Online with a lot of players online and custom new systems. This community have more than 10 years online offering our services with the best form possible. Try it now and join our big community
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Addicts KO
100% anvil rates to +10 90% xp lvling rates 2 colony zones and class can wear any weapon/item they choose wars 5 days a week we are a new server and trying to get alot of traffic so come and check us out.
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100% Legend of Mir Online A-Z
... Searchable Legend of Mir Directory Lisitngs! ...
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Nemesis Mir II Server [RubyM2]
Nemesis Legend of Mir 2 Private Server, Medium Rate, 6x Exp, level 7 Start, 24x7 Server Up Time, lots of new content and Quests, Hero's, Tigers, Fishing, crafting system, HumUp, and GameShop/GameCash System.
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-=[ EvilMir 2.3 ]=-
Legend of mir 2.3 Server, One of the 1st servers in 2.3 to be released. Dedicated Host, Uptime 24/7, Lots of Fighting and Action. Come Join the Fun at EvilMir Server. Server Rates is X100 EXP and x50 Drop rate, No nonsense.
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EvilMir v3

EvilMir V3 - High Rate - 2.3 - Server items high rate... High levels and loads of fun, Come join Our Community
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Legend of Dark Demise 3
Custom Maps, Mobs, Items, Own Items, Low Rate (4x), 3 Walls, Still in beta, check us out before we open officially.
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Empire PvP Serwer (HighRate)
I'd like to invite everyone to new server of Empire Team. Stats: Files type: 3.55 Exp rate: x32 Item rate: x1 Gold rate: x1 Mon rate: x1 Language: English
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New Legend of mir 3 server, x128 , Rebirths , personal hideouts , friendly players and GMs guarenteed! Please join if you want to have some fun :)
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ReTRoN 2.3
ReTRoN Legend of Mir 2, High Rate Server fully customised, subclass system, last man standing events, rebirth, new mobs, maps, weapons/items. enhanced sabuk wall features, elemental castle boost, lots of lords to challenge you and your guild. Come an
0 17


Beatas Server
Complete FREE-to-Play High Rate x128 - x 1000, Legend of Mir 3 Servers, All day new update in game. Unique Features like, Advanced Guild Leveling System, Guild Islands & Palaces. More Updates every week!
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Pirate Mir 3
Completely free legend of mir server including features such as glows and daily raids.
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-=[ EvilMir 2.3 ]=-
Legend of mir 2.3 Server, One of the 1st servers in 2.3 to be released. Dedicated Host, Uptime 24/7, Lots of Fighting and Action. Come Join the Fun at EvilMir Server. Server Rates is X100 EXP and x50 Drop rate, No nonsense.
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MeriToRious 2.3 HighRate
MeriToRious 2.3 Legend Of Mir HighRate x 100 EXP,
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Legend Of Mir3 - Imperium Server
Legend Of Mir 3 - Imperium Server. Spanish / English , EXP RATE x8, Nuevos sistemas de bosses, scrolls de infecciones, guardianes de bosses, mas de 30 bosses, muchos eventos .... todo lo nuevo que nunca vistes!
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Legend Of Mir Official Site
Private servers are available for the popular game Legend Of Mir that is hugely popular in China and South Korea, and is considered to be the largest MMORPG in the world. It has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records
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Legend Of Mir The StarliteServer
Fun Free Multiplayer Game Online 24/7
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Gorzen is a new server wich is about 91 days old it is a friendly server hope to see you play it
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Servidor ESPAÑOL , Buenos GM's , Experiencia x 3 y los findes x 4 , drop alto y mucha gente on , mobs nuevos , armas nuevas , armors nuevas , quets especiales , etc.
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recreated mir 2 private server
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A long life 2.3 mir server running on a 10mb connection with no lag and an ever expanding comunity. x5 exp, Gold drops x3, item drops x3, lots of new maps for lvling and exploring, new mobs and items (not old items renamed) and exciting new quests.
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Evil Mir 2.3
Evil Mir :: Mir2 Private Server
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Tian Server
Mid Rate Long Lasting Server. Lots of new additions and skins and very good community with intense rivalry.
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RageZone Mir 2
RageZone Mir 2: Experience x4 of euro, all of euro features (skills, mobs etc) + mir3 and brand new features, great community.
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Avenge Mir3
ONLINE FOR OVER 8 MONTHS!!, High rate Mir3 server, 264 xExp x4 Drop! Completely free to play, Everyone is welcome, Low ping 100MB UK line with good PC specs, Very large community, Lots of PVP/Wall attacks, Updates and frequent database backups
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Village2.3 Legend Of Mir 2
High rate x 100 EXP Legend Of Mir 2 server.
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MMORPG Servers / Advertisement forums
The one forum with everything you need
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MeltDown Mir 2.3
x50 experience. The latest updates, the latest files and the most complex LOM 2 server to be seen yet! So simple to set up, yet the game play is so rewarding! Monthly events, Constant Wars, Content packed quests and an intense Heaven and Hell system
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Mega Flux Mir 3
New server , needing players , loads of quests and updates come and play :)
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Group Sms
Company offers free SMS software that helps to communicate between business owner and partners by delivering instant messages from your desktop PC.
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Latest MMORPG multiplayer news from the official and private servers and with the latest server MMORPG developments and forum.
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Legend Of Mir3 Intense Server
Well developed MMORPG with new features and ideas. Medium Exp rates and low gold rates. PVP events everyday for everyone.
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Legend Of Mir
Want to start your own legend of mir server ? now you can... with the latest and best files for free
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Legend of the Orient (woool)
With proper translations, constant bug fixes and a dedicated team there really is no more reason to keep playing the Legend of Mir!
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Elektronik Sigara İle Sağlıklı
elektronik sigara modelleri için
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